We are


Welcome to our home, Rhino Retreat Clarens

Officially opened for our first guests on the 1st November 2019.

Our dream began three years ago in October of 2016, when we visited Clarens for a birthday weekend celebration. Don, Jeff and I were born and raised in a little town called Queenstown in the Eastern Cape, and Duncan was born and raised in Johannesburg (but is an honorary Eastern Caper since he loves it more than Gauteng!). So coming to Clarens just bowled us over. It was the perfect place, with the extraordinarily beautiful mountains, trees and fresh air!


We spent months looking for the perfect piece of property, and then once we found it, we needed to find the perfect partners to build our new home. This is when Jacquie Le Roux (Jacquie Le Roux Architects) and Tim Moorcroft (Moorcroft’s Builders and Developers) came into our lives. Jacquie began designing our home, based on a “drawing” of sorts that we presented to her.

Perfect property

Set in fantastic surrounds

The road ahead

Leads to great places!

Plans laid out

and set in stone!

Let the fun


We wanted the house to reflect who we were, and at the same time, blend into the beautiful surrounds and offer spectacular views.

Tim then put the plans into action and soon we had a home unfolding before our eyes. We have spent many a weekend in Clarens on site, working closely with Tim and his amazing team. We have been very hands on, but also let Tim and Jacquie do what they do best – design and build!


Payment arrangements

and a toast!


The start of something spectacular!


Brick by brick!

We have had the most amazing support from family and friends throughout the build, but most especially our family – Don, Jeff, Butch and Alida. They have all contributed in so many ways, with invaluable advice and knowledge. Not to mention free labour, transport and so much more!! We did pay in copious amounts of beer and wine.


Almost there

Close to roof height

Meet the team

A force to reckon with

Reaching the top

A stairway to good things

Signed and sealed

This is us
We also have various pieces of art on the walls, generously painted over the years by our good friend David Moore, now based in the UK and the lounge light fitting – gifted by our good friends Murray and Judi.

Brandon, Mike (our lovely neighbor) and Meleanor (for patiently guiding us through the rental process) and setting it all up!

Sandi (Parsley Studios) for our spectacular entrance sign.

A look inside

Light and bright

We have incorporated some furniture in our home from our late folks, as we believe they would have loved Clarens. So you might find it to be rather eclectic in its design!

Our eventual aim, having named our home Rhino Retreat Clarens for a reason, is by contributing to a fund close to our hearts to save South Africa’s beloved Rhino. Your continued support in renting our home will help us do this.

We look forward to you choosing Rhino Retreat Clarens as your haven for your trip.  Please “like” and “rate” us on our Facebook page when you have some time. 

Warm Clarens Wishes

Duncan, Bev, Don and Jeff