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Rhino Retreat Clarens is 100% pet friendly!

Our entire family is made up of animal lovers and that is why Rhino Retreat Clarens is 100% pet friendly.

We want you to enjoy our home and bring your entire family (including the furry ones) to enjoy the fresh air, the mountain walks and everything else that we have to offer!



It’s because of our own love for animals, that we met the wonderful team from the Cluny Animal Trust.

We support them as much as we can, and that is where the idea for the Pack for Paws initiative came from. It is a simple idea (completely voluntary) that can make a huge impact and it helps to support animal veterinary welfare.

Clarens Delivery


Situated in Clarens, Free State. We offer the delivery of local products and produce to your door, ready for you when you arrive for your holiday break. Please contact Clarens Delivery before your arrival.

078 460 1765 (Jacquie Le Roux)
Clarens Delivery Website